About us

  • Document Repository
    Document repository for all kinds of information one needs to store for timely usage
  • Display Reminders
    Put reminders for critical due dates of various bills and warranty end date
  • Notifications Digitally
    Sending & Receiving all monthly notifications digitally which might be paper based right now
  • Sharing information
    Sharing information with all relevant user at the click of a button or a tap of your thumb

How it works

  • Register yourself

    Register with us with your basic credentials.

  • Upload documents

    Upload all your documents and manage them VIA folders basis various document or use types.

  • Set Reminders

    Set reminders for critical dates associated with a certain document e.g. due dates , warranty time etc.

  • Share Documents

    Easily send , receive & share the documents in your profile via Bankurdoc.com with anyone and everyone


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